Book outdoor holidays
Book campsites, glamping sites, caravan sites and holiday parks in the UK, Europe and the Americas. 134,328 reviews, 152,493 photos and 8,777 listings with best prices.
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Lighthouse version2.5.0
Progressive Web App64
Registers a service workertrue
Does not respond with a 200 when offlinefalse
Does not provide fallback content when JavaScript is not availablefalse
Uses HTTPStrue
Redirects HTTP traffic to HTTPStrue
Page load is not fast enough on 3Gfalse
User will not be prompted to Install the Web Appfalse
Configured for a custom splash screentrue
Address bar matches brand colorstrue
Has a `<meta name="viewport">` tag with `width` or `initial-scale`true
Content is sized correctly for the viewporttrue
Site works cross-browserfalse
Page transitions don't feel like they block on the networkfalse
Each page has a URLfalse
First meaningful paint25
First Interactive (beta)39
Consistently Interactive (beta)39
Perceptual Speed Index12
Estimated Input Latency94
Reduce render-blocking stylesheets0
Reduce render-blocking scripts100
Properly size images100
Offscreen images0
Optimize images100
Serve images as WebP100
Enable text compression100
Keep server response times low (TTFB)true
Avoids enormous network payloads100
Avoids an excessive DOM size100
Critical Request Chainsfalse
User Timing marks and measurestrue
Screenshot Thumbnails100
`[accesskey]` values are not unique.null
`[aria-*]` attributes do not match their roles.null
`[role]`s do not have all required `[aria-*]` attributes.null
Elements with `[role]` that require specific children `[role]`s, are missing.null
`[role]`s are not contained by their required parent element.null
`[role]` values are not valid.null
`[aria-*]` attributes do not have valid values.null
`[aria-*]` attributes are not valid or misspelled.null
`<audio>` elements are missing a `<track>` element with `[kind="captions"]`.null
Buttons do not have an accessible name.null
The page does not contain a heading, skip link, or landmark region.null
Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio.null
`<dl>`'s do not contain only properly-ordered `<dt>` and `<dd>` groups, `<script>` or `<template>` elements.null
Definition list items are not wrapped in `<dl>` elements.null
Document does not have a `<title>` element.null
`[id]` attributes on the page are not unique.null
`<frame>` or `<iframe>` elements do not have a title.null
`<html>` element does not have a `[lang]` attribute.null
`<html>` element does not have a valid value for its `[lang]` attribute.null
Image elements do not have `[alt]` attributes.null
`<input type="image">` elements do not have `[alt]` text.null
Form elements do not have associated labels.null
Presentational `<table>` elements do not avoid using `<th>`, `<caption>` or the `[summary]` attribute.null
Links do not have a discernable name.null
Lists do not contain only `<li>` elements and script supporting elements (`<script>` and `<template>`).null
List items (`<li>`) are not contained within `<ul>` or `<ol>` parent elements.null
The document uses `<meta http-equiv="refresh">`.null
`[user-scalable="no"]` is used in the `<meta name="viewport">` element or the `[maximum-scale]` attribute is less than 5.null
`<object>` elements do not have `[alt]` text.null
Some elements have a `[tabindex]` value greater than 0.null
Cells in a `<table>` element that use the `[headers]` attribute refers to other cells of that same table.null
`<th>` elements and elements with `[role="columnheader"/"rowheader"]` do not have data cells they describe.null
`[lang]` attributes do not have a valid value.null
`<video>` elements do not contain a `<track>` element with `[kind="captions"]`.null
`<video>` elements do not contain a `<track>` element with `[kind="description"]`.null
Best Practices89
Avoids Application Cachetrue
Avoids WebSQL DBtrue
Uses HTTPStrue
Uses HTTP/2 for its own resourcestrue
Uses passive listeners to improve scrolling performancetrue
Avoids Mutation Events in its own scriptstrue
Avoids `document.write()`true
Opens external anchors using `rel="noopener"`true
Avoids requesting the geolocation permission on page loadtrue
Includes front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilitiesnull
Avoids requesting the notification permission on page loadtrue
Avoids deprecated APIstrue
Manifest's `short_name` won't be truncated when displayed on homescreentrue
Allows users to paste into password fieldstrue
No browser errors logged to the consoletrue
Does not uses Images with appropriate aspect ratio25


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